Casual shirts are a great way to make a casual statement. Long sleeved shorts can be made to make a statement on their own or the whole outfit together. Go with a tie or without. A simple tie can bring it up to a more professional look, or you can tone it back down to casual without the tie.With the number of designs and colors on the market, it won’t be to mix and match and find the color that works for you.Experiment with different styles of color and different textures to create a new look each time.

Denim Casual Shirt

The men’s casual shirt in denim can work as a standalone piece or layered for a more defined style. When you’re talking men’s casual shirt styles denim is up to the top. When working with denim, you are looking for a light material that has a little texture to it to add some design but still keeping it toned to a casual level.

Plaid Shirt

The casual plaid shirt has grown in popularity. The lumberjack shirt has become popular along with the beard growing.The plaid shirt is one of the most stylish shirts a man can own in his collection.A lot of men are going for the indie look with the denim and plaid shirt. Dark navy works well with their style, and the texture of the worn jeans gives off a masculine look about it.

When it comes to boots, the Grenson brown leather boots sets them apart from the rest.The Grenson are durable boots with a taste of style and heritage.You will pay extra for these boots, but they work so well with the plaid casual shirt it is worth the extra dollars.

The White shirt

Wearing white is playing it safe especially when worn long sleeved. White is simple, clean and crisp but gives your outfit a stylish look and has an adaptable look about it for different styles of jeans worn alongside.The white shirt works in with chinos as well if they are dark colored like grey or navy. The white shirt and dark chinos give a nice color contrast. Loafers work well to show off your ankles and add to the casual design.

The Casual Shirt

Black isn’t as common as other colors and if you are after a darker look in the outfit black is a great choice but consider a shirt with a more heavier material with a bit more texture like the Oxford brand. This will tone the outfit down and stop the creation of the formal look.Make sure with the men’s casual shirt you find out your proper fitting size and choose the right material for the look you’re trying to achieve like unconventional materials when going for a casual look.

Layering your outfit will add dimension while keeping the casual tone.If you tuck, make sure not to tuck all the shirt in the front spread it out around your body to avoid a clump at the front.Following a few of these tips will help you to get the casual look while defining style to your look.