Lingerie for Evening and Party wear

Would not it be absolutely divine if could wear a fabulous halter neck number for a night out. However, what sort of a backless or strapless number you choose, you don’t want your lingerie (read bra) straps to appear on the face of people. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on fun and sensuous part. Consider the following tips on what underwear to don on for an evening or social do.

Balconette bra – This is a type of bra can be seen with a wider band which is minimal and cups that are more horizontal in angle instead of being diagonal. The straps are also wide apart. This bra looks great on deep necks such as a V-neck or a sweetheart’s neck and even wide-shouldered attires that have straps or sleeves slightly off the shoulder. 

Thongs or G-strings – Apart from going commando which is not recommended, the only way to hide a “visible panty line” is to opt for a g-string or a C-String underwear without sides . For this particular lingerie, finding the right size is paramount. This is because a g-string or thong that is too tight can in turn trigger VPL. Of course, you don’t want that.

Strapless bra – Of course, who can forget our dear strapless bra!  This bra has all the necessary support coming from the underband. Strapless bras are known to be not exactly friendly for women with curvaceous figures. 

However, if you choose the right one that also fits right, then a strapless bra can be your best friend. This bra flatters halterneck or strapless dresses, of shoulder tops or any attire where a bra strap is not meant to be seen. For thanksgiving parties,you can find thanksgiving shirts for women.

Shapewear – Shapewear lingerie is suitable for any dress that is tight-fitting or with A-line shapes. You might think that what’ the correlation between part dressing and feasting? Yes, there is. Wearing shapewear will prevent in showing a post-meal bump also jokingly known as a food baby. It will work like a corset where the midsection will be nipped or the upper thigh is constricted.

Plunge bra – The plunge bra can be considered to be the ultimate for your evening do. It has a very low cut at the centre and often comes loaded with padding so as to give a push-up to your cleavage. This lingerie is deemed perfect for low necklines. However, make sure that the straps remain discreet. 

Backless or stick-on bra – Stick-on bras are suitable for dresses that have low backs or even a backless design. You wouldn’t want to spoil the design of your fabulous backless dress with straps appearing here and there. This is where stick-ons come to the rescue. You can even opt for a bracelet that has funky and designer back straps, totally worthy of exposure. 

Now, all you need is a gorgeous dress,  to go with your fabulous sexy or australian brand  lingerie. Spray on a good perfume and prep your attitude. You are sure to win hearts.