Diamond Ring

There are many auspicious times when a man has to pamper his beloved woman. To make her feel special, most men buy jewelry or diamond rings. The jewelry or diamond ring is considered the best gift for women because most women like to wear high-quality ornaments. Buying a diamond ring is not an easy task for a man, as you are not used to working with decorations. You need to consider many points before buying a high-class and sophisticated diamond ring for your lady. It would be best if you never rushed to buy a diamond without doing a little research.

The carat of a diamond ring says a lot about the value of the item. The higher the carat, the higher the price of the diamond. People will also be more tempted to look at your jewelry if it contains larger and brighter stones. For investors, 5 carat diamond ring from Miss Diamond Ring will also mean a higher return on investment. But sometimes, the limitations of our budget will only allow us to settle for smaller carat diamonds. However, you can apply a few tricks so that you can improve the size and quality of the diamond on your diamond ring and make it look bigger, brighter, and more attractive. Here are the settings that will help you accomplish this.

Consider the pavement setting.

There are settings for the diamond ring that will limit the size of the diamond only based on what is present on the ring. However, a particular environment, the setting of the pavement, gives the illusion that the small diamonds connected are significant. When the light hits each smaller stone, it creates the image of a larger diamond, so your ring appears to contain a larger diamond stone. Each smaller stone’s interconnection allows light to penetrate and reflect it into the stone, resulting in an improved and larger image. The rocks would look big, despite their small size.


Aside from setting the pavement, another way to enhance the look of your diamond is by completing the design and shape of the ring with its setting. For example, setting the frame lifts the diamond, giving you the impression that the stone is large. Here, a rim surrounds the original stone and carries it relatively higher than its supposedly normal position. The diamond looks both expansive and brighter. Invisible settings are also another option in which something is placed under the diamond to look floating.

Matching the illusion with the size

If other options don’t work perfectly for you, try setting the illusion. Use a mirror added to the decoration to reflect the light of the diamond, making it look bigger and brighter. The mirror is inserted into the frame so that once the diamond is placed above the structure, the mirror will increase the stone’s size, allowing light to pass through the stone at almost any angle. Now you have a more giant diamond ring.