Revamp Your Wardrobe

Are you tired of the items in your wardrobe? It’s possible to have too many clothes and still have nothing to wear. Sometimes, revamping your entire wardrobe may likely be the solution you need. Thankfully, you can do so without breaking the bank.

Moreover, you’ll find that working with what you have in your current closet will save you money and the hassle of buying a whole new set of clothes. In this article, we’ll walk you through three valuable tips to get you started.

1. Reinvent your style.

Start with reinventing your style aesthetic to reflect your desired look. Let’s say you want to adopt a more vintage, retro look, mix and match the items in your closet until you achieve your desired style aesthetic. Get creative and push beyond the boundaries of your mind. You can take a cue from notable fashion icons by following them on social media. Also, check fashion magazines and Pinterest for the latest style updates. The chances of you spotting something you like are pretty high. Now, when you do, go ahead and incorporate it into your wardrobe. You can add a few graphic tees that matches your personality to allow you to express yourself better.

One trendy style making waves in the fashion sphere is wearing stud earrings on casual outfits. These versatile jewelry pieces are known to punctuate any look. So in the future, why not curate your ear with a pair of sterling silver studs while putting on a crop top and a denim jean. If you find this piece a bit out of your price range, check for something less expensive. For example, diamond studs will always be more expensive than rose gold studs. More importantly, when scanning through the new arrivals on any U.S. site, watch out for items with a free shipping tag. For one, you get to save money on shipping fees.

2. Declutter your wardrobe.

Once you’ve redefined your signature style, the next thing will be to sort out your entire wardrobe. In some respects, that would mean decluttering your wardrobe. But first things first, take a thorough inventory of the items in your closet. This will help you identify the items that suit your new style aesthetic. Decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of old clothes or wardrobe items. You can revamp your old clothes by altering, dyeing, or matching them with other clothes. Also, splurging on a new pair of shoes or a new handbag can help fine-tune some old clothes.

Discard any item that is part of your old-style aesthetic to create room for a new set of outfits highlighting your new look. Before disposing of any item, check to see if it has a good resale value. If it has, consider selling it online or pawning it away.

Better still, you can donate it to a charity organization of your choice if it’s worth giving out. For items that have outlived their purpose, consider dropping them off at a recycling center close to you. The key takeaway here is that you can be thinking of revamping when you have a cluttered wardrobe. So, clear out the clutter.

3. Organize and section your clothes.

Before you start organizing your wardrobe, check to see if the closet space requires any repair work, cleaning, or painting. Chances are, a hinge might be broken, or a light bulb needs replacing. You should tackle these issues before you commence the daunting task of organizing a full closet. When organizing a wardrobe, you should target your efforts at making sure the closet remains in order all year round. Making it look tidy temporarily will only leave you frustrated the next time you come looking for an outfit to wear.

As you organize your closet, store the clothes you don’t often wear, like seasonal outfits, out of sight. For example, you won’t have any need to wear snow boots and heavy sweaters during summer. So, it makes sense to keep them in long-term storage and bring out items like T-shirts and sunglasses.

Furthermore, you may need to upgrade your wardrobe accessories such as hangers, hooks, shelf dividers, and storage bins. There’s no gainsaying that these accessories help with organization and function. Moreover, choose accessories that are in the same color scheme to give your wardrobe an ordered appearance.