Today, face masks are transforming from oddity to commonplace, virtually overnight. 

Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has officially suggested the use of face masks worldwide. This decision is important in the devastating scenario of the Corona Virus pandemic in the world. Some experts believe that N-95 masks are specific to prevent the virus but a shortage of these highly specific masks has created awareness about fabric masks. These masks are now getting a place in fashion and style. appears as a prominent platform whenever it comes to fashion and style. Buying the latest styles from top fashion stores is a little difficult. However, using the Ousnass Promo Code makes things affordable. Get this promo code and shop whatever you like to wear in UAE. 

What Fashion Designers Are Thinking?

As a matter of fact, the fashion industry is suffering from lockdowns. The recent decision of the UAE government has created some hope but there are several limitations. The government’s health agency has asked the public to wear face masks and maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet. Additionally, people will avoid gathering at the shopping malls, transport stations and others.  Several fashion designers are making these decisions as a positive moment. Sarah Carmen who is a fashion designer and stylist expressed her comments on these decisions in an exciting way. 

“We the people in UAE are habitual of lifestyle and luxury. Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have severely affected their lifestyle and how people love to live in this country. Recent decisions by the UAE government to open public places, offices, and transports are welcoming. Life should continue in a normal way.”

threeASFOUR offering popular The Outre Collective has decided to produce face mask with quality silk fabric. 

“Women love silk. They like to wear silk clothes on different occasions such as weddings, social gatherings, and parties. What about wearing a luxury silk face mask? This is an adorable idea and ladies will love it. We are going to design silk face masks. This product comes with several benefits. It will protect ladies from the possible infection while on the same hand it donates 10 percent of the price to the healthcare system.”

Buying this mask would be a little expensive as it is going to be an essential part of fashion. Women who want to purchase matching face masks should try Ousnass Promo Code. They should visit Coupon. ae prior to visiting an online store to shop the silk face masks. 

Mask Collections Released:

Based on the new fashion idea, several designers are launching new designs. For example, Chrys Wong known for Maison Modulare is now releasing a big collection of luxury face masks. Yes, these masks have multiple layers of French laces. 

Similarly, California Blue Jeans have an economical package for ladies. They offer five packets of stylish cotton masks for only 150 AED.  However, ladies who have an Ousnass Promo Code can obtain additional discounts. 

Face masks are essential. These are a new part or item for the fashion industry. We hope that wearing matching luxurious masks will not give you a strange look in normal life.