Buying a watch today can be a disconcerting experience. Not only are there so many timepieces to choose from, there are many types of watches whose costs range from a dollar to the price of a hyper car.

How to choose a women’s watch

Especially when it comes to choosing a women’s watch, the situation becomes even more sophisticated. Because things are not simple at all. So which one to buy? The dinner plate stuffed with bilinguals? The digital watch “grandfather” chrome? The confusing gadget festival? To help the customer with neophyte and non-neo-lycophyte watches, New Atlas eliminates brush with its introductory guide for modern watch buyers.

Be that as it may, it’s the accessories that make every woman look and feel unique. That’s why women like to spend hours choosing the right accessories to match their outfit. Beautiful watches are no exception. They can give a distinctive touch to the wearer.

Watch manufacturers around the world are trying to invent different women’s wristwatches that suit all tastes. If you want to buy women’s wristwatches from Midwest Jewellery as a gift to someone or to yourself, here are 5 helpful tips for choosing a perfect lady’s watch.

  1. Choose the type of movement of the woman’s watch

There are many different types of movements, but women’s automatic watches are the most used. The latest technologies can be more practical, reliable, and generally cheaper and require less maintenance. The mechanical movement requires careful engineering and can become an inheritance. Nowadays, many women choose this type but it is expensive and more difficult to maintain. Girard Perregaux is one of the famous manufacturers of mechanical watches for women.

  1. Choose the type and style of women’s watches

Choose the type of mechanism: quartz or mechanical. There are hybrids or derivatives of the two main types. Some watches are loaded automatically if they are worn by hand, or by a mechanical or solar mechanism that charges a spare battery. You’ll find them under names like Kinetic (Seiko brand), Eco Drive (Solar energy, Citizen Brand), Automatic or similar names. All mechanical clocks must be periodically rotated using the dedicated wheel located on the side of the case, and the quartz must be powered by a battery.

  1. Choose the type of material of the watches

The traditional gold jewelry watch has always been in great demand. Although gilded accessories have today obtained various shades: classic yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. Stainless steel is widely used by watchmakers but mainly to give a more masculine and solid look to the women’s watch. Ceramic is also used in modern designs of the women’s wristwatch. It is more practical to wear, does not scratch and gives a refined and spectacular look to the women’s watch. Brands such as Rado, Fossil are well known for their ceramic watches and Rolex has many women’s watches in pink and yellow gold.

  1. Choose the bracelet

Different types of bracelets are visible on women’s wristwatches. Those with bracelets acquire the elegant, formal look of a luxury watch, such as Cartier. The leather straps are current and incredibly elegant. Their different colors often match the dials or can be totally exotic, such as Stingray.

Finally, rubber bracelets are durable, easy to clean and cannot be damaged by a scent. Usually used in men’s watches, there are now often rubber bracelets on his watches.

  1. Choose the design

Besides the way you plan to match your style, it’s important to choose a watch and because you’re satisfied with its physical characteristics. The dimensions of the dial are the first things you will notice. The shape of the dial can be round, square or even oval. Often, women’s watches have a smaller dial, but lately, brands offer more “masculine” models that can show the shape of your wrist.

It’s the same discussion when it comes to choosing the bracelet. As I said above, a thin leather belt is the classic solution for a women’s watch, but more and more women prefer thicker metal bracelets. These are often made of stainless steel. Among the luxury watches, you can find them clad in yellow or pink gold, platinum or various gems.

The display of the clock is also an important choice criterion. Digital watches are more suitable for sportswear, while those with analog displays (in other words, “language clocks”) are designed for casual or elegant outfits. A quartz watch can have a digital display and an analog display. At the same time, mechanical watches can be considered as small jewels.

One last attribute that you should not ignore is color. Remember that a watch must complete your outfit and stay conspicuously on your hand, like an oversized wristband.

Finally, it is a watch that is a very personal purchase. Choose wisely, it can quickly become a valuable asset or a precious gift. Bad choice and it can end up getting lost in the back of a drawer-locker. The secret knows what you want, what you want to say about yourself or who the watch is for, and what you can afford, and then do some research to make sure you choose the right guard -time. This can be as simple as flying over an online catalog of watches on King’s Caprice for a few minutes, or as complicated as looking for that elusive “grail” over several years. But it’s worth it.