Loved One’s Confirmation

The sacrament of Confirmation is truly a special occasion for a member of the Catholic church, as they are welcomed as a full member. This affirmation of belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is a crucial step in your religious journey following the first communion, solidifying your place in the church in the eyes of God. It is a special day that should be marked in a special way. Here are some gift ideas to celebrate this sacrament.

Gifts in Scripture

If you’re lost for confirmation gift ideas, consider items that could help the newly confirmed on their spiritual journey. Student bibles are a wonderful keepsake and great reference for whenever one can use a little rejuvenation in their faith. Beyond confirmation bibles, a crucifix commemorating the date of confirmation will recognize the importance of this momentous occasion when one becomes a full member of the church.

You could even opt for a certificate to recognize the gift of the holy spirit, recognizing this special day in print, safely kept sealed by a proper frame. These Catholic confirmation gifts enforce the importance of this sacrament to not just the newly confirmed but for their whole family.

Personalized Gifts

Depending on the age of the confirmed, you may want to consider some of the one-of-a-kind kids gifts. Younger and older kids alike love a memento with that personal touch, such as their name or a photo attached to stationery, water bottles, and even personalized storybooks. The confirmand will appreciate a gift that they could put into practical use every day.

It’s a good idea to consider what this young man or young woman truly enjoys, and create a gift list accordingly. The right confirmation gift could be just a few clicks away, with something as simple as an ornament to recognize the moment being something that is cherished for years to come. Remember, a great gift for confirmation is one that comes from the heart and emphasizes the importance of the confirmation process.


A confirmation sponsor, who is ushering the confirmand in as a full member of the church, may want to consider a more extravagant gift to celebrate confirmation day. For a young woman, a bracelet or necklace commemorating these important rites of passages could be the perfect gift to symbolize a further cemented connection within the Catholic church. This is best for older confirmation candidates with greater responsibility when it comes to something like jewelry.

You could also consider getting a young man a gold-chain necklace with a crucifix, offering a unique confirmation gift that is also symbolic of achieving manhood within the eyes of the church. If you choose to go with jewelry for younger children, be sure to consult with their parents before going forward. You could opt for rosary beads to teach them this method of prayer.

Charitable Donations

Being a member of the Christian faith is recognizing your fellow human beings and the struggles that others may face on a daily basis. A charitable donation is an excellent confirmation gift, teaching the confirmand about the importance of helping the less fortunate. This gives a younger person a compass of sorts to guide them on their spiritual journey, and how to better their society as a whole.

You could simply get a gift card for the confirmation candidate and call it a day, but this deeper-rooted meaning will perhaps inspire their actions to the next level. Taking the time to help others is an important practice, and it starts by setting the best example possible. It’s the best gift to start a confirmand in the right place as a full member of the church.