Dress Kids In Indian Ethnic Wears

Just like any adult, kids also love to be dressed as their mind speaks to be. Be it your young lad or little princess, both are just the same till they get a grip of our general social conventions. Till then it is the duty of the parents or guardians to make them look just fine and as they pleased. Even if don’t know any of his or her characteristics or likes and hates, one of the most common things to get started is colours. 

Generally, kids love rainbow colours because this is the time to explore and understand the beauty of life. So, let’s see how can twist their appearance with just a few collections of kids ethnic wear and their bombastic hues. 

  1. Best Colour Combinations

Picking the right colour for your darling could be very difficult when you have thousands of options of kids kurta pajama or kids ethnic wears in front of you. These comfy and snugly looking attires are available in assorted fabrics and colours, perfect to cheer up every kind of heart. 

Let’s get the best hold of it!

Yellow shaded kids kurta pajama

Yellow is one of the most cheerful colours and looks great with white. Don’t choose too extravagant shades but calming or sophisticated tones of yellow. Choose honeysuckle shaded yellow kurta and a white pyjama to rock the entire look. 

Red and white

Though tomato red is not the exact shade you will be recommended but coral red or carmine red will just be perfect for your little star. This can go amazingly well with white dhoti pant. This vibrant colour is the most demanded one in ethnic wears and Indian festive times. 

Navy blue and beige

Well, there must be something for your little trotter to attend those posh evening galas. Choose navy blue kurta and golden coloured dhoti pants for such occasions or events. You can also choose a beige coloured ethnic skirt or shararas instead of pyjama for your pretty girl. 

Pink and cream

Who says, boys can’t nail pink colour? 

Well, this is just a hoax and all fashionista crowd should strictly avoid this. 

If the weather seems to call for Spring, it is most probably the best time to dress up your little bundle of joy in pink. Choose a flamingo pink shade or blush pink shade kurta and team this with the same coloured or cream hued dhoti pants or shararas. This colour reflects the best joy during day time, so make sure, that the event is on the day time. 

  1. How To Combine Styles

Let your little trotter look his or her best with the clever style combination. So get set your fashion gear ready for your darling.

Kurta & Shararas

Mid-length or shorter kurtas look great when combined with the beauty of shararas. A sheer dupatta will heighten the complete look.

Blouse & Skirt

A blouse or a crop top will be just a fine addition to a kids ethnic wear wardrobe. Make sure you have floral print editions to cheer up her final look. Make sure the blouse is not very tight or complicated like adults have. 

Kurta & Palazzos/Pyjama

Mentioning the loose and comfy clothes, it is the combination of kurta and palazzos that rule the world. Apart from kids kurta pajamas, this combination will provide optimum freedom of movement to your bundle of joy.