Past are the days when darker complexion was considered as sign of ugliness. In the recent times the dusky skin is a symbol of sexiness, glamour and ravishing beauty. Although all the other skin types, dark toned people also need a finished look to bring up their enhanced beauty and high points. The perfect lipstick shade from the leading lipstick distributor in China can create or destroy your beauty, regardless of your skin tone. If you are a dusty skinned beauty, this article will lead you choose fairly among the right lipstick shade.

Keep in mind the neutral tones are your best pals. But several other colors also work wonders with a darker skin tone. Give a try to these trending lip colors and be ready to steal the show

The brown with copper shades

Brown with a touch of copper is a highly alluring and flattering or darker skin tone. Multiples shades of copper brown naturally compliment these women. This shades blend with all kinds of dresses and occasions

Rich Red:

Red is universally attractive yet appealing. It seems equally captivating, hot and flattering on dusty tone. Outline your lips with a paired lip liner and fill up with the rich red shade in between. Introduce a litter glitter on the very outstrips and you are all ready to set some guys on fire! Red involves a great number of dilemma to the already alluring features of dark skin. Take no notice of your traditional uncles and aunts and adore the enigmatic touch of red on your lips.

The rosy pinks:

Yes, the vibrant shades of roses are impeccable for your skin. Fascinate the world with a little bright and creamy shades of roses and corals. You will come to a range of colors to discover from a number of shades of roses and corals. Tailor your casual look and turn into the girl next door with a range of rose pink lip tints

A Taupe coat

Grey with a tinge of brown will greatly blend with your complexion if your skin tone is darker. This shade is seamless for dark skinned attractiveness. Introducing shimmer to taupe crowds up the party time for dark complexion women.

Shades of Magenta

Don’t get spoiled differentiating rose pink and address the cool and calm shades of rose, magenta is the better counterpart. This color is closely connected with Asian dark, African dark and likely African-American dark skin tone.


Akin to a natural pink that has always give high importance for fair skinned women, there, is single color that is normally used by dark toned women. It is the royal peach shade. Peach matches every difference of dark. Unquestionably, it is one of the finest lipstick shades for dark skinned ladies!


This metallic color is the most favorable of women with dark skin tone. It looks sophisticated and is not flashy. It looks tempting and doesn’t look unusual or spoilt. You can wear bronzer shades in the day and can also use it as in party night out.