From their younger age to the oldest, women are giving massive importance to their hair. And they are right; beautiful hair makes a woman prettier, more youthful, happier. Usually, women are taking great care of their hair: color, cut, treatments hanging up the hair color is a way to bring a new look, a new life for any women. Best hair color techniques must change a simple cut to a drastic look change.
Balayage is a French term that describes a painting or sweeping. The procedure gives a beautiful effect to the hair. During a Balayage, the stylist paints the hair only on the surface, never saturates the section with hair dye. After a balayage (is means highlighting the hair first layer), the haircut will look sun-kissed and natural.

Ombre is also a French word. This technique the root color will fade into a lighter color at the ends. A soft transition from a dark color to blond will be great. If the hair is not dark enough, the hair colorist can make it deepen to obtain a spectacular ombre. We must make a difference: the balayage is a hair color technique, ombre is the final look. The hair colorists use the method named balayage to realize an ombre.

Sombre is also a French name, related to Ombre, like two sisters. Their names are similar; Ombre implies a lower contrast between the roots and the hair at its ends. The origins subtly color graduates into a lighter color at the ends, keeping the same nuance. There are a few charming versions of Sombre, such as Caramel Sombre, Mocha Sombre, and Blonde Sombre. These are subtle versions of blurs from brunette to blonde.

Fluid hair painting is similar to Balayage. The colorist paints only the hair surface. There is a difference: the woman’ hair must have the head leaned back against a table. The colorist can control better the hair look; he will see how the colors are melting. This technique creates spectacular results. The results are not natural, some have a real SF look, like the mermaid fluid color.

Highlights imply a light color on some sections of your hair to become lighter. Hair dimensions will grow, the face will look brighter and facial features will be more accentuated. To put some light in your hair, the colorist uses foil highlighting or balayage.

Foiling is a process to highlight the hair using aluminum pieces of paper, called foils. This technique rejuvenates the look with light streaks. Women prefer dark stripes. The foils are wrapping the hair and the colorist dyes only the covered parts.

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Any women can make an appointment and become younger and happier after a Balayage or Foil technique. Don’t hesitate to order a new hair color adventure!