Fashion design is a fascinating field of study, and swimwear for men and women has a captivating history. Over a period of time, The tank suits for women have morphed into bikinis, and men have not been left behind either. The male fabric has evolved more slowly from the woollen garments to the present day Speedos and board shorts. In between the two, There are the ever popular designer swim shorts that add colour and character to a swimmer’s personality. The multi-hued shorts have a distinct appearance and they can be worn by athletes, swimmers, boxers, and other sporting personalities. The casual beach stroller also looks quite appealing in these patterned and vicariously coloured shorts. The traditional swimwear have elastic waists, and the short size of the trunks guarantees a good tan for the knees, lower and middle thighs.

Swim shorts and trunks are suitable for both men and women, and the fashionable products sell like hot cakes in the summer months. Swim trunks are manufactured by cutting different types of fabrics and sewing them using skilful methods. The affordable and multi-hued designer swim shorts, found on the shop shelves, are a result of artistic tailoring and careful stitching. The decorative features are carefully designed and the patterns on the fabric enhance the beauty of the swimwear. Branded threads of good quality are used for decorative stitching, and synthetic threads on the seams can withstand strain-inducing actions such as swimming, running, or jumping. The fabric for swim trunks is chosen from a combination of natural and synthetic cloth materials such as nylon, cotton, polyester, and spandex.  The water proof shorts are normally tailored for designer appeal, utility, elasticity, and long lasting service in variable weather conditions.

The nylon trunks can be picked off the racks without hesitation as they have many attractive qualities. The fibre material is lightweight and stretchy, and it is best suited for a cloudy afternoon or evening at the beach or swimming pool. The fabric dries very quickly, but exposure to sun has to be avoided as the colours fade and lose their original sheen. The designer swim shorts made of high quality polyester fabrics is a durable and highly elastic alternative that can soak up a lot of water, but it also dries down relatively fast. The traditional cotton and woollen fabrics are still in vogue, but the 100% cloth does not stretch and lacks the appeal of trendier form-fitting shorts. The cutting edge sun-protective fabrics are more suitable for extroverts who need daily protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. There are also other hi-tech fabrics that allow light to pass through the swimming short, but they cannot be worn tightly against the skin.

To sum up, Designer swimwear has a rich history and the fabric has gradually evolved from cotton to spandex in the last century. The modern and colourful swim shorts are tailored and sewn using durable threads, and the wide range of fabrics open up a plethora of choices for the customers. The traditional wool and cotton are less popular than the trendier spandex and mixed fabric shorts that have low maintenance needs and fit the form to a tee.