When shopping for jewellery, it’s important that you find a piece that you not only find attractive, but that also meets your needs. Make sure that you pay attention to the metal of the jewellery that you are considering so that you can choose the right piece for you.

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While many people confuse white gold and silver and think that they are the same thing, there are actually a few differences between the two. Even though it is very difficult to tell them apart with an untrained eye, especially if you don’t have experience doing so, knowing the difference will help you when you are shopping. Make sure that you are prepared to buy the best piece of jewellery for you by understanding the differences between white gold and silver.

All About White Gold

While gold is an alloy, which is a combination of metals, and it is generally made from 10% nickel and 90% gold. This alloy shines and looks similar to a mirror due to its white metal plating. It can be any colour ranging from pale rose to pale yellow, and jewellers will refer to any gold alloy with a white hue as being white gold. Often, it is plated with rhodium to make it have that bright silvery gold that is so popular, and is a great option if you are looking for beautiful jewellery at affordable prices.

Image Source: Pexels

What to Know About Silver

Silver is a pure element, not an alloy like white gold, and it is very reflective and highly conductive. Most of the time, silver is a byproduct from refining copper, gold, lead, and zinc. It’s important that when you are buying silver jewellery, you pay attention to the purity of the silver used, as this will play a huge role in the longevity of the piece you purchase, as well as how it looks. A common type of silver is 925, which means that the piece has a purity of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Finding the right piece of jewellery for yourself depends on your style as well as the value of the piece that you want to wear. Make sure that you consider the colour of the metal in addition to how long it will last without needing to be cleaned or refinished to ensure that it looks its best. Both while gold and silver look amazing, but when you understand the difference between the two, then you can make a good decision when shopping.